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Guru Garage Livestream – Bingo Time!

At Platinum Simmers we love three things and we like to combine them as...

The Sims 4 Console update – Glass roofs

Awesome news for The Sims 4 Console players! Thursday September 6th there will be a new update on Xbox and Playstation 4 for The Sims 4

Help out The Sims Mobile! (US only)

An amazing opportunity came along for US residents! You can...

The Sims Mobile – Waterfront!

EA was kind enough to give us a sneak peak at the newest update!
This update contains many new features and a major overhaul of the ticket system and will go live on August 21st!

Guru Garage – Live streams

During the first live stream about a patch, SimGuruKate had an announcement for the upcoming plans and communication.
Find out what they are here

The Sims 4 – August patch 2018

It’s patch day!!
With the last patch, something broke, when you took screenshots, they turned out blurry. But don’t worry, this patch fixes that! Screenshots are clear again.