About Us

Platinum Simmers is made by a group of avid international fans of the Sims Series. Sims 1 to Sims Medieval, we play it all, still. Our aim is to have a fun website, with everything a player needs: reviews, interviews, guides, challenges, tutorials, downloads, screenshots, stories and a chat/forum to share every quirky thing your sims do.

You may recognize a few names of the creators of this site. Well, that’s because we’ve all been very active around the community for a number of years. Here’s a little bit about us:

sww is our very own mean Dutchie, and she seems to know just about everything about The Sims Medieval. She is the brains behind our tradinator tool and other Sims Medieval guides and tools. She has also attended many preview events and will continue to do so to bring you the latest previews and news. At Platinum Simmers, she is in charge of tutorials, so if you are an expert in your field, beware that she may annoy you until you write a tutorial about it.

deagh is our Forum Warden, which means she oversees all our forum activity and makes sure everyone is nice to each other. She has written some great Sims and non-Sims stories, and is also a huge fan of RPGs like Dragon Age and Lord Of The Rings Online.

moza is our Official Twit. That is to say, she makes sure our Twitter is up to date with hopefully useful information. She is also a forum moderator, so if you need any help at all with our forums, you can ask her. Outside of The Sims, she’s a very crafty lady, and makes beautiful hand-made cards!

red1060 is our IRC Banhammer Wielder, so if you visit our chat you’re likely to find her lurking in a corner. Contrary to a popular belief (which she encourages), she’s actually very nice and helpful, so do drop into our chat sometime and speak to us all!

BlackGarden has been creating Sims items since The Sims 1 days, and although she’ll continue to create stuff, she recently turned her hand to previewing and reviewing stuff packs, expansion packs, and store content, too. She attended GamesCom 2011 as part of the EA UK community team, and hopes to attend some more Sims events in future to keep you up to date on Sims news.

tdyannd was one of the attendees of the Creators Camp way back before The Sims 3 was released, in January 2009. As well as being an awesome creator, she is also a great story teller, and over the years she has written many stories. Her brand new story is now here at Platinum Simmers. She also runs our Facebook page.

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