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The Sims 4 – My First Pet Stuff – First Look

The latest Stuff Pack from EA – My First Pets Stuff – gives your...

The Sims Mobile – Language Settings

The Sims Mobile rolled out worldwide this week, after a long soft launch period.
And with more and more people playing in different countries and languages, we see a lot of questions about the language the game is installed/played in.

The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff

Alongside the worldwide release of The Sims Mobile, today sees the...

The Sims Mobile – Launch date!

This game has been in soft launch for so long!
Many Sims players are so excited to play this game and waiting for it to launch in their country.
But no more waiting! The Sims Mobile will be rolling out in the app stores starting today!

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventures – first impressions

The latest game pack from The Sims 4, Jungle Adventures, allows your sims to...

The Sims Mobile Puzzle game

The Sims Mobile is nearing launch, although it is still a mystery when that launch exactly is.

Now, something fun is happening. The Sims Mobile is ready to reveal something, we just don’t know what that something is.
A few of the EA Game Changers, have received puzzle pieces that will be released in the upcoming weeks. Those puzzle pieces will fit together to form an announcement.
Keep an eye on @PlatinumSimmers as well, because we will be spreading a few ourselves too.