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Platinum Simmers is the site by Simmers, for Simmers. Between us, we’ve been playing the game for over 60 years!

We love the game, and want to bring you the latest news, reviews and gossip – with the promise of honesty. If we like something, we’ll say so, but we’ll also tell you what we don’t like, as well. We’ll share thoughts and favourites from within The Sims community and beyond.

Keep an eye out on our original content! Including Food Recipes from The Sims, a collection of all the Concept Art from The Sims 3The Sims 4 and useful tools like The Sims 4 Random Trait Generator.

Much more to come! Now meet the people behind Platinum Simmers!

  • Moza
    MozaCo-founder & Sunset Valley Expert

    While we’re all passionate Simmers on this team Moza is most likely the one with the most hours in the game! Her favourite world is Sunset Valley and she can tell you everything about it. Here on Platinum Simmers she is a steady force who is always ready with an opinion! You can also find her on Pinterest, a lot.

    Location: United Kingdom

    EP: Supernatural
    TV Show: Supernatural
    Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
    Book: Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor
    Food: Steak and Chips

  • Deagh
    DeaghCo-founder & Editor Extraordinaire

    Deagh is a silent force behind Platinum Simmers, you won’t often see her on the foreground but her voice of reason and amazing editing skills are priceless. Also she probably has forgotten more about The Sims 2, especially Strangetown, than any of us ever knew about it.

    Location: West Coast of USA

    EP: Supernatural
    TV Show: Supernatural
    Movie: UHF
    Book: Lord of the Rings
    Food: Mac and Cheese

  • BlackGarden
    BlackGardenBreaking things, and fixing them again

    BlackGarden is the secret force behind Platinum Simmers, in Real Life she is a super talented Web Developer. Anything technical on Platinum Simmers is thanks to her! In The Sims she loves to set up a situation for chaos, then sit back and watch!

    Location: United Kingdom

    EP: Ambitions
    TV Show: Parks & Recreation
    Movie: I dunno but I love Pixar films
    Book: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    Food: Carbonara

  • Lebanna
    LebannaNews Reporter & Awesome Builder

    Lebanna is our newest team member but a force to be reckoned with! She quickly picked up everything about how Platinum Simmers works and then some. Her favourite thing in The Sims has to be build mode.

    Location: The Netherlands

    EP: Island Paradise
    TV Show: Body of Proof
    Movie: You’ve got Mail
    Book: Hasse Simonsdochter – Thea Beckman
    Food: Macaroni Cabonara

  • You?
    You?Content writer and News Reporter

    Got something interesting you want to tell people about, think the Sims community would like to read what you love about the game, want to be the next force on our team?

    We’re always looking for new and interesting content, so if you have any ideas, get in touch via the Contact Us page.

    It can be a one-off article, (semi-)regular or often. Choice is completely up to you.

    May the force be with us. Always.

    Former Staff

    • Sww
      SwwCo-founder & Content Queen

      Sww, also known as Maaike in RL, was the driving force behind Platinum Simmers. She was in charge of creating unique content, keeping the site up to date and managing the social media channels.

      Location: Ireland & The Netherlands

      EP: Open for Business
      TV Show: The West Wing
      Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
      Book: I read too much to choose one.
      Food: Pizza

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