Buy toothpaste, get the SimCity Attractions Set with five new buildings

Eh Really? I know that games are going towards product advertising in the games but this… I can believe ‘buy a lego set and get DLC’ sooner than Toothpaste?! I suppose we should be happy they promote healthy teeth instead of sugary drinks.

And US-Only, wonder if it would work for Europeans if US friends will buy a toothpaste for us.

Buy specially marked Crest or Oral-B products in the US and you’ll earn a code to unlock SimCity’s Attractions Set, a selection of five tourist-attracting buildings including “Giant Garden Gnome,” “Dolly the Dinosaur,” “Llarry the Llama,” “MaxisMan Statue,” and “the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.”


Source: PC Gamer


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