Clarification SimCity Beta Bug reporting policy

There have been some questions about the phrasing of the bug-reporting policy, the way people read it that if you saw a big and didn't report it, you could get a lifetime origin ban. This is not the case! The following quote is from the SimCity facebook page:


Heads up, Mayors – it’s been brought to our attention that there’s been some confusion regarding the bug-reporting policy in the EA beta test agreement for SimCity.

Don’t worry – EA has never taken away access to a player’s games for failing to report a bug. In fact, we’re in the process of updating our agreement to make this point clear before the beta starts this Friday. If you have any more questions, read our FAQ: http://www.simcity.c…closed-beta-faq

Hope to see you in the beta Friday!

Also read the beta FAQ http://www.simcity.c…closed-beta-faq
Has good answers like this one:


Q: What’s in the beta?

A: Here’s the answer straight from Lead Producer Kip Katsarelis: The Closed Beta is an important step for us as we approach our launch date for SimCity. We’ve crafted a one hour replayable experience that will let you enjoy the magic of the game and allow us to test critical features. Everyone will go through our “Getting Started Scenario”, which takes you through the basics of how to play the game and gives you a sneak peak at some late game content. After that, you’re free to start your own city and play for one hour. We’ve given you all the tools to build up a medium density city, given access to the Casino Big Business, all of the basic services, loads of public transportation options, and several options on how you can power your city. You can start up as many cities as you like during the 3 Day event. We encourage you to try to build different types of cities, explore the leaderboards and try to beat the Global Challenge! By putting these features through a rigorous test, you’re doing us a huge service. Your feedback will go directly to the Development Team and make an impact on future updates. By playing the game you’ll be testing our online servers, helping ensure a smooth launch.

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