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When you first start a game in The Sims 4, you have to go through the tutorials. And you get them with each new save game you start.
A while back we wrote a tutorial to turn off these tutorials. This was a bit of a hasstle, and you still had to go through the tutorials at least once, or when you reinstall the game.

The tutorials have been given a facelift with the last patch! They are no longer the little blue pop up windows, but take up a whole lot more of your screen, they tell you a little more about what that particular lesson is about and you can click it away!

2015-06-22 22_10_35-The Sims™ 4

All in all, it is great you can click the tutorials away easier. Because, well, if you have played The Sims for a while, you know the drill. Though we do encourage to go through them once, who knows what neat little feature you will discover that way.

But even better news! There is now an easier way to disable the tutorials.

Go to Game options -> Gameplay -> check ‘tutorials’ on or off!
It’s that easy!

In the image below you can see how.

2015-06-20 17_59_56-Skype

Author: Lebanna

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