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Extra The Sims 4 cheats

Written by Annabelli_22
SimGuruGrant has made a post on the Official The Sims forums listing extra The Sims 4 cheats.
These are extra cheats then the standard ones. They used these cheats during testing and were not originally intended to be shipped with the game. But since they are, why not share them?

Developers of The Sims used these cheats to test the game and keep it running without interfering from a person, the so called “Smoke tests”. That way the game could be running overnight without someone having to keep an eye on it. We are very excited to have some of these right now!

So here is a list of these ‘hidden’ cheats

Quick Disclaimer: Cheats are cheats. You’re going outside the standard flow so you may hit a hiccup or two. But, we’ve used these cheats extensively in development. For all of these you’ll need to open the command console (Ctrl + Shift + C).

Money Cheats

Automatically Pay Bills: Do you hate bills? Fret no more.

Want to add a specific amount of money?
“sims.modify_funds (amount)”
is the amount you want.

There’s also
“motherlode” and “rosebud” AND “kaching”

Career Cheats

We have quite a few cheats for careers.

Want to add any career to your Sim?

Want to get a demotion?

How about a promotion?

Want to quit?

For (name), type the name of the career.

Sim related cheats

Want to automatically answer dialogs that pop up on screen?

Do you want to complete your current Aspiration Milestone? Either because you don’t like it, it’s too difficult, or you are stuck?

Want to speed up crafting?
Or, something? This one’s not entirely obvious, but it speeds up crafting (painting, woodworking).

Want to fix everyone’s needs?
That’s for just one Sim.

That’s for the household.

Want to get rid of your Moodlets?

Want to spawn random groups of Sims?

(#) is the number you want. BE WARNED: If you put in a crazy number, the game will break.


Want to disable headline FX? Note: This doesn’t remove plumbob.
“headlineeffects on/off”

This is the list of cheats SimGuruGrant was so kind to share with us. Enjoy them!
Source: The Sims forums, SimGuruGrant

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