Foreign Relations and Edicts in The Sims Medieval

Passing edicts can be hit and miss if you dont know a trick that is very well hidden. This guide explains how to pass edicts easily and also how to increase reputation with foreign territories, this is useful for many watcher achievements.

Passing an Edict

1 ) With the monarch or spy click on the tactical map and Propose Edict

2 ) Select one of the two options you get.

3 ) Monitor the edict support.

Your chosen edict is always the left one, at this point you can see it would be losing. Also note that the middle edict is a benefit for village and the right one does not benefit yacothia.

So for your edict you want it to benefit at least any of the other regions. But it cannot benefit the villagers so much to change their vote.

4 ) The next step is to click on the tactical map again and this time ‘view all proposed edicts’

You get the following window:

5 ) The left is your proposed edict, click on it and you get the following window:

6 ) Click on add benefits to a territory and you get the following*:

* This guide was made with all the foreign territories allied and annexed. That is why you see so many options, it depends on how many allies you got.

7 ) I’ve added two benefits to crafthole and aarbyville each. You can manage to get 4 benefits in before voting time is called. Then I clicked on the tactical map and checked out voting preferences again.

The field has completely changed, this is good. Now you have to wait for the actual voting results to come in.

8 ) Final voting results:

My queen got two votes because she is level 10. This also helps a lot with passing edicts.

Increasing Reputation

Edicts are a good way to increase reputation with a territory, but patrolling road or seaway to a foreign territory also works. The Monarch, Knight or Spy are the heroes that can use the patrol option.

Here you can see the reputation my kingdom has with Tredony before patrolling the road to it:

1 ) Go to the forest and click ‘patrol road to’ and I clicked Tredony

2 ) Here you can see the territories you can visit from the forest path and how much reputation is increased from patrolling:

3 ) These countries you can patrol from the path to the village:

4 ) And these territories from the docks ‘patrol the seaway to …’