The Sims 3

How does it look in Game? A new video series!

Have you ever been in doubt on what custom content actually looks like in the game? Screenshots often look beautiful, but does it look that beautiful in the game too?

Personally, I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve downloaded custom hair and when I loaded up my game I just wasn’t happy with it.

This is why I’ve started this new video series that shows you in a few short minutes what hair, clothes and objects look like! These videos also show  the (when available) 4 different color channels (in red, blue, yellow and green), so you can see which parts can or cannot be recolored in Create-A-Style.

Here is the first video, featuring one of my favourite sets from The Sims 3 Store: Fifth Avenue Fashions.

I will be releasing 3 videos a week in this series!

  • Wednesday: Custom Content from the Sims Community.
  • Friday: Create-A-Sim set from The Sims 3 Store
  • Sunday: Object set from The Sims 3 Store

Let me know what you think of it!

Want your custom content or Sim featured in these videos? Email a download link to [email protected]!

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  • That would be so awesome! I too get very irritated when seeing a downloaded cc in game and it doesn’t look quite like it did on the site where I found it.

    I will definitely be watching your videos and thanks so much for doing this for the community of cc’ers. 🙂