How to build the perfect Resort – Part 1: The Basics

Written by sww

For families in Isla Paradise the easiest way to get started with a resort is to use the phone and call real estate and travel services > become a resort owner.


Resorts are marked with this icon in the world: 2013-07-02_22-51-52

Sadly we do not have an easy button that instantly jumps to all the properties you own so you do have the search a lot to find your resort!

Becoming a resort owner this way gives you a rundown beach resort that you can build up to a 5 level resort!


The Basics of Resort Management

There are two information screens on a resort that are your best friend, both are found by clicking on the front desk and then on resort management.


The first screen is the Resort reviews. Here you will see the star rating of your resort and what people think.


These reviews are a great hint of what you should improve or what you are already doing well. It does get hilarious at times, this is one of the reviews I got in my game:


The second screen is the Resort Finances. This screen shows your revenue and expenses and how many people are staying at your resort. You won’t see all the Sims on your lot at the same time (that would cause lag) but they do pay their bills!


This screen also lists all the items that cost you money, you can even click on each item to see their menu and for instance to change the food type of the buffet table or to make the pool chlorinated.


Resort Stay Pricing

In the beginning you will notice your Resort will not be profitable, it takes a few days. Once you have enough star rating you can increase how much your charge for a single room using the Front desk > Resort Management > Set Resort Pricing option.

2013-07-02_23-39-21I’ve not yet found a clear rule that says this many stars allows which pricing option, keep track of your reviews and see if people find your resort too expensive.

Next Step: How to get a 5 star resort

In the next article all that it takes to make a 5 star resort!

If you want to find out how to make your own resort, for instance in Dragon Valley, click here.

Do you want to build a resort with little effort, look at the Blueprints that came with Island Paradise!

Are you completely lost with resort management? Click here for frequently asked questions.



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  • Can you build a resort in the main towns somewhere? I’d like to have a hotel that my Sims can stay in during the full moon, so that the attracted zombies don’t destroy gardens and stuff. It was recommended by someone in another thread, who never explained how to build a hotel. This is for the Sims 3, right?

    • Hi, yes this is for the Sims 3. And you can build a resort anywhere 🙂 All you need is to pick a big enough lot and buy it through the computer as a resort. Hope this helps you 🙂