How to export Sims from the CAS Demo

In The Sims 3 the only way to get your builds and Sims on the exchange was to export your creation to the launcher. But since The Sims 4 has the gallery integrated in the game, there is no need for exporting anymore. Although we love the Gallery and how fast you can share and download creations without leaving your game. Sometimes you just want to share a household with your friends or family without using internet. Or maybe you would want to share it on your blog or website. So we found a way to do just that!

Share you Sims

Well, here’s is how to do it with the The Sims 4 CAS demo.

  • Create the Sim/household you want
  • Save the Sim/household
  • Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo\Tray
  • Sort the files by date.
  • And now the ‘tricky’ part.
    It’s not just 1 file. So search for files that have the same timestamp. (keep in mind that if you saved around a whole minute, it could happen one or 2 files have a timestamp of 1 minute later)

  • Select at least these files (with same timestamp)
    3. 1x SGI per Sim in the household
    4. 2x HHI
  • Create a separate folder
  • Make a zip or winrar file of that folder

You are now ready to share your Sims with friends!

Keep in mind, when your household has more than 1 Sim, there will be more files!

Additional info:
If you have saved a lot of families, and need an extra check, look at the file name. The second half, after the !x0, appears to be a unique family identifier – so any sims from that household will have the same reference in the name.
Screenshot file names

Author: Lebanna

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