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How to stop Zombies eating your plants

Written by sww

Zombies are a plague in the Sims 3 Supernatural, if you do not want them to attack your plants (occasionally your Sims) it is hard to stop them, there are not even any zombies disable options in the new population controls. There are however seven ways to how to get rid of zombies, four of which do not require cheats/game controls.

Zombies are a plague in the Sims 3 Supernatural, if you do not want them to eat your plants (or occasionally attack your Sims) it is hard to stop them or get rid of them, there are not even any zombies disable options in the new population controls. There are however seven ways to stop them from coming near your plants, four of which do not require cheats/game controls.

1) Stopping zombies from eating your plants by fencing up the yard

Fences around your plants protects them from zombies, however you do need to be able to access your own plants with a gate. But these sneaky zombies just go through the gate then.


A very important thing you should not forget is to lock your gate! Click on the gate, then use lock > Everyone but Myself or Everyone but My Household, this keeps the zombies away from the plants from the start, but if the zombies are already attacking your plants you cannot stop them this way.


2) The Limited edition pea shooter

The pea shooter will attract and attack the zombies, if the shooter is succesful the zombies will pass out leaving your plants alone. While there is a zombie on your lot, click on the pea shooter and click on "Have peashooter attack zombie" you then get a list of the Sims on your lot, make sure to pick the right ones or your own Sim (or Bonehilda) will turn into a zombie and attack the peashooter.

Screenshot-509 copy.jpgScreenshot-510 copy.jpg

But it is not always successful, sometimes your zombies start eating the pea shooter! As we have seen in a live chat.
You can find the download for the pea shooter here: Limited Edition Content for Supernatural. You have to use the code that came with your Limited Edition Supernatural game.

3) Curing Zombies by using Alchemy

When your Sim reaches level 2 or 7 Alchemy skill, they can create a cure or potent cure elixir, these can cure one zombie at a time, fast way to get rid of a zombie that is harrasing your plants.

Screenshot-516 copy.jpgScreenshot-517 copy.jpg

4) Curing Zombies by using Witchcraft

If you have a witch, using the Sunlight Charm (Spellcasting/Witch lvl 8 ) you can cure zombies one at a time, just like the alchemy option. (Keep an eye on your magic level, it does deplete quite fast with this charm!)

5) No more full moon, editing the lunar cycle

In the Sims 3 game options you have two new tabs, one is the population controls and the other is Enviroment options. It's the environment options you want and specifically the lunar cycle options. You want the option "Set to Single Lunar Phase' and put it on any phase except the full moon, but do know you also lose out on other full moon actions, there are a few wishes that your Sim can have with a full moon – visit the graveyard, kiss under a full moon – you won't have those if you disable the full moon. Note: Faeries love a moon, if you have faeries in your household I recommend any lunar phase other than the new moon one.


6) Cheating

During the full moon when you have all these zombies in the world, there is a way to get rid of ALL the zombies in one go, but it requires cheats and might cause damage in the world you do not want. Like remove Zombies you want to keep.

Load up the cheat window by pressing ctrl+shift+c, there type: testingcheatsenabled true.


Then shift+click on the mailbox, you get this window:


Click on supernatural controls


Then on remove supernaturals, then the Zombies!!! option.

And you go from being infested by zombies, to having none.


7) Mod

This mod stops Zombies spawning at a full moon, without needing to change the full moon cycle. To remove existing zombies you have to use step 6.
This mod is especially helpful when you have the bug that causes Zombies to spawn all the time, even without a full moon.
You can find the mod here: No Zombies Spawning On Full Moons
The site does require you to register before you can download. For full support and how to install it, I direct you to their website.

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