How to turn off the tutorial in The Sims 4

At Gamescom and during the livebroadcast yesterday I found the tips/tutorial in The Sims 4 intrusive. I can understand needing to see the tutorial once but experienced Simmers shouldn’t have a problem after that first run through. There is no option in Game Options, at this time, to turn it off.

After many Simmers asked on twitter, @SimGurulyndsay shared with us how to disable the tutorial through Origin.

Good news! Here is a step by step tutorial using the Create a Sim Demo (there is no actual tutorial in the Demo currently).

1. Open Origin
2. Right Click The Sims 4 (In this example I’ve used The Sims 4 Demo)
3. Click “Game Properties”
4. Type in ––no_tutorial
5. We will see when we have the game, but this should disable the tutorial!

The reasons why I do not like the tutorial is this, popups that block the game! If you have me on twitter, I complain about this a lot on websites… why bring it to a game?

Another one, ok my Sim can cook a meal… but as far as I can see, this “tip” will not go away unless you cook a meal…

There is another one that I didn’t see in yesterday’s broadcast. In Buildmode the UI will be blocked by one of the tips and you cannot use part of the Buildmode UI till you click that message away.

Games, especially as we have no manuals any more, need tutorials, but there is an art to tutorials that seems to have been missed while making The Sims 4’s tutorial.

Author: sww

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  1. Thank you!!! It works in game perfectly! I don’t know what non-Origin users will do to disable the tips, but it worked for me! Thank you for posting this and all of the other great information!


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  2. Thank you! The tutorial was driving me nuts! Some of the “tips” come up more than once and it’s irritating.

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  3. Thanks for this, the unending and unnecessarily repetitive stream of tips were driving me up the wall!

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  4. Omg thank you so much this was super frustrating

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