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Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims 4 City Living gave us the option to live in apartments. There is just 1 problem – since the apartments are in shells, you can’t upload that awesome layout you created in that shell.
And that is just a shame. So how do you upload your apartment then? There is a fairly simple solution – upload your complete apartment as a single room. You just need a little trick to make the game think you’re uploading a room!

I will go through it step by step

Step 1

First I cleared out an apartment completely, I choose “18 Culpepper house” for this, so you have a clean slate

Step 2

Create the layout in the apartment of what you would like. Just as you normally would.

Step 3

Decorate! Make that apartment just as you wanted! Fully decorate the apartment, but keep 1 wall tile bare for a next step. just 1 wall in each room.

You are now done decorating your apartment, but there is still that one problem, you can’t upload the whole apartment in 1 go. So how will we fix this?

Step 4

The solution is fairly simple, and this is why you need to keep 1 wall bare, you just delete 1 wall tile between rooms. Do this in almost every room. In my apartment I had to delete these walls:

  1. Between office and living
  2. between living and bathroom
  3. between bathroom and bedroom


If you have done it right, and you select the room now, it should see the whole apartment as 1 room. Is there still a room that doesn’t select? Then you might have missed a wall and need to delete that.

Step 5

Last step, upload! The only thing the downloader has to do is replace the walls you deleted. So it might be nice to specify that so people know

Good luck! And we would love to see the apartments you share! So feel free to tweet them to us or leave a comment with a link to your gallery!
Want the apartment that I created? Here’s the Gallery Link

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