The Sims 3

July Store set preview!

Jam, tea and L-shaped stairs, who is excited for this set? We are!
9) Look what’s making it’s L-Shaped return soon! #BringingSexyBack
july 0

8) Such a cozy little place to meet for tea.
jully 6

7) What’s the cool new thing is this picture that advanced Builders are gonna LOVE?
july 8

6) Can some corn or make some relish with the new cucumbers!
july 5

5) We be Jammin’! #SconesNeedJam
July 4

4) The wheel on the Mill goes round and round… #BrunchAtTheOldMill
july 3

3) Rounding the trail to the Old Mill, there’s a picturesque little fence just beyond the pond. #BrunchAtTheOldMill
july 2

2) Find a forgotten path with The Way the Moss Grows Stone Steps. #BrunchAtTheOldMill

1) Is it Tea Time yet? #BrunchAtTheOldMill
Screenshot-16 (2)

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