Lucky Palms Review

Lucky Palms is the latest world available from The Sims 3 Store, and comes with or without the Lucky Simoleon Casino, depending if you buy the Standard or Gold version. Let’s have a look round, see what we find and who we meet….

Set in a desert area, with a river running alongside, the main area of Lucky Palms has a lush, resort feel to it.  New rabbit holes – some recolours, some new designs – help give a fresh feel and give a unified look.  Overall, it’s a very clean, respectable area.  The centre of town is the wishing well, which allows you to wish for love, money, power or happiness – or a child.  Of course, as with all things sim, the results might not be quite what your sim wanted!  The widest part of the river basin has a disused dock, which has been repurposed into some small residential units. The Blooming Cactus Bistro can be found on the highest usable point in town, giving your sims somewhere to eat and a chance to enjoy the view across town.


Head out of town, past the stadium and across the highway, and you find the parts of town that the Lucky Palms tourist board would rather you didn’t see.  In an area that is almost a small town itself, you’ll find some run down residential lots, a hang out, pool and parks, along with the seedier side of business – the Criminal Warehouse, the Science Lab and the Military Base.  We’re in the desert after all, how close is Strangetown, and just what are they experimenting on?


There’s a good mix of lots available, although personally I always wish for a few more family size homes!  There’s three 64×64 lots, either for legacy players or for the largest Expansion Pack lots.  150 Casino Boulevard, heading out of town, has an empty 60×60 lot, just perfect for the Lucky Simoleon Casino.  As always, it’s up to you to place the EP lots, but there’s plenty of spaces available.

Visually, the world is stunning, especially at sunset and sunrise, when the light takes on an array of reds and golds.  Most of the time, anyway.  Occasionally, a thick fog rolls in, obscuring the view.  Could this be a hint of things to come?


This time round, the TS2 revamps are Darren and Darlene Dreamer – or Darlene Matlapin as she is here.  Darren is probably one of the most accurate remade sims so far.  There’s a romance budding between them, so it’s up to you if you want to get them together or make another future for them.


Overall, Lucky Palms is a fun, attractive hood, and I’m enjoying meddling in Darren and Darlene’s lives!