SimCity: Patch 5.0 Possibly Coming on June 11th

Patch 4.0 was just released on the 23rd of this month, but Mayors are already wondering what’s in store for the next big update. Senior producer of SimCity, Kip Katsarelis, stated on the official blog, “Please note that our next big update will happen after the launch of our digital-only Mac version which will be available on June 11 worldwide. We’ll have more information and more cool stuff coming soon. Until then, enjoy Update 4.0.”

That could be a hint that patch 5.0 will be released the same day as the Mac version of SimCity, or at least soon after.

Chris Schmidt, a developer on the Maxis team said on the official SimCity forums, “we do have some big plans, and we might be able to talk about them soon!”

We don’t have all of the details as of yet, but we do know that patch 5.0 is in the works, and we can expect it on June 11th or shortly after.

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