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SimCity release date announced! And Tour of SimCity Studio

Finally we know when SimCity will be released and we can get it the week of March 5th! This means March 7th for The Netherlands and March 8th for the UK.


Today, EA confirmed that SimCity will be available in stores on March 8, 2013. SimCity is the ultimate city building simulation game, offering both veteran fans and new players a fun, dynamic experience, underpinned by GlassBox, the most complex simulation engine in its class.

Thanks to Sims Galore for a headsup!

EA can clean up a lot of information now, many places online says february as release date! tours the Maxis SimStudios:….10/24/simstudio


"We're in ship-mode, so everyone is cranking, fixing bugs and finishing the game," explains SimCity's Creative Director, Ocean Quigley. "Actually shipping a game as complex as SimCity takes a whole lot of prolonged, focused effort. Earlier in the project things were much more freewheeling and improvisational — we'd try out new ideas and new approaches to see what worked, but we're done with that stage, and now we have to bring it all to completion."

Interesting that they are in ship-mode as its still many months away from release date, does this mean beta soon-ish? :D Cannot wait for beta.

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