SimGuruGrant tweets about bills in The Sims 4

@SimGuruGrant has been very chatty lately on Twitter. He loves to share tidbits of what his family is up to in the Sims 4 and what neat features there are.
For example, the billing system in The Sims 4. We already knew that there would be consequences of not paying your bills, your power and water will be cut off. But the Repo man won’t come at all anymore. there will also some kind of reward that will reduce the bills, but will not completely eliminate them.

After Grant calling Graham a jerk when it comes to the billing system, Graham made a joke about who you are paying with the bills. I think he will be very rich in Simoleons/virtual money then!

Author: Lebanna

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  1. I cannot wait to see this! I always thought the repo man was so random and a little pointless, this could be awesome.

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