Sims 4 news on Twitter

Written by Annabelli_22

Since there is so much news in the form of questions answered on Twitter. It’s time for an update. so here are some tweets from @SimGuruGraham, @SimGuruGrant and @SimGuruhouts! And a Twitter avatar update from @SimGuruRusskii

SimGuru Graham

@SimGuruGraham has answered a few random questions on twitter.

Design tool
Design tool

SimGuru Grant

The CAS demo has been announced! How excited are you?! I’m super stoked. But what will happen with the Sims we make? @SimGuruGrant answered that for us.

Also some other tweets 🙂


And @SimGuruHouts of course answered some questions about build mode! 🙂

Avatar update!

SimGuruRusskii made a new Simself in the Sims 4 and has updated it as her twitter avatar. Do you notice the difference? She didn’t save the previous one, so she made a new one from scratch.
twitter update

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