The Sims 3

Something is coming our way on Monday.

Cancel your bank holiday plans, we have been told we are getting a special announcement on Monday the 6th of May. We do not know what time on Monday but in the past announcements have been around 2PM BST or somewhere in the evening. Yes, You can still sleep in till noon on your bank holiday. 

What this announcement will be we do not know yet. We (@Swwsims and @Sim_Cookie) have speculated quite a bit and for your amusement we have listed a few of our thoughts.

  • The name and logo reveal of the upcoming The Sims 3 pack (the future pack after Island Paradise)
  • The Sims 4 announcement (Though, this will be early as Island Paradise is not even released yet, we do not know the next EPs name or what will be in it)
  • Invitations to E3 in June with trip entirely paid by EA/Maxis (Never going to happen, it was 2am so our ideas got quite funny)
  • Something for the Sims Social people because I have a hard time that such a popular game is just cancelled like that.

Let the speculating begin, what do you think will be announced? Knowing Maxis it will be something not on this list…

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