Technophobe No More – Now Available at The Sims 3 Store

The newest set at The Sims 3 Store is a gorgeous furniture set but it also includes a new unique item – a tablet PC for your Sims! Check it out here or read on for our screenshots and review…

Ever wanted your Sims to have an iPad or Android tablet? Well, now they can have their very own tablet PC with the new set from The Sims 3 Store. This is our review of the tablet contained in the new “Technophobe No More” set for The Sims 3.

Here are the new actions available on the tablet:


Shopping for books on the tablet is the same as shopping at the regular book shop. You can buy any books you can get at the book shop, and you get a physical copy of the book in your inventory, which will also allow you to read it on the tablet.


For Simmers with Late Night who have celebrity Sims, the same perks with random discounts still apply when buying books online.

Reading books on the tablet works basically the same way as reading books from your inventory. You can read any book your Sim owns. The only (small) criticism I have of this functionality is that it doesn’t work with reading bedtime stories for children. Aside from that, though, it seems quite solid!


Your Sim can also play a social game on the tablet for their fun and social motives. There are (at least!) three games that you will see your Sims play. The first looks a lot like the popular tablet and console game Fruit Ninja.


The second looks a lot like The Sims Social or Freeplay.


The third… well I’m not really sure what it is, but they seem to enjoy it.


The final thing you can do on the tablet which is really cool is to listen to a “tabcast”. There are tabcasts available for ten different skills in the game, and as your Sim can listen to them while performing other actions, they will really help your Sims to improve their skills!




When your Sims start listening to a tabcast, you’ll see them put an earpiece on. The earpiece will flash regularly and they will have a moodlet showing they are listening to a tabcast for the duration of the tabcast. Once the tabcast has finished, you can get your Sim to listen to another one, so they can continue building that skill while doing other things like eating, exercising, or anything else!