The Sims 1 Cheats

Written by sww

All the cheats for The Sims 1!
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rosebudAdds 1000 simoleons to the household
!;!;!;! repeats the last cheat and ; separates between repeated cheats (only works with money cheat)
set_hour <1-24>Sets time of the day
NessieShows nessie in the neighborhood river (old town, downton, vacation)
autonomy <1-1000>Sets how much your Sims do themselves or how much you have to control them
map_edit on/offEnables/Disables map editor
edit_charCan edit the Sim
hist_addAdds history to the family
historysave family history to file
prepare_lotfixes requires lot objects
importImports a family file
interestsshows the Sims’ interests (not those added in Hot Date)
reload_peopleTotal reload of skins, animations, suits, people
tile info on/offshows/hides tile info
sweep on/offEnables/disables ticks

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