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The Sims 3 Into the Future hands on at EA Benelux

I know I am truly spoiled rotten right now, this is the 2nd hands on time I got with The Sims 3 Into the Future. The first time was at GamesCom during SimsCamp, I was not convinced that I would really like this expansion pack then. This could in large part have to do with the fact that I first got to play The Sims 4 Create a Sim and then The Sims 3 Into the Future. Which felt like a huge downgrade.

However playing The Sims 3 Into the Future now after The Sims 4 has calmed down a bit, I really enjoyed it. While it might not going to be my favourite expansion pack. I’m going to make an insane amount of cleaning/cooking/nanny Plumbots.

Huge thanks to @EA_Benelux who invited me. Disclaimer: The version we played was not the final version of the expansion pack, some things still might change!


Good to know that in the future there is still a moon!


EA gave us a nice save game with lvl 10 botbuilding skill already ready. Love PlumBots, this time I did not load Create-A-Bot (CAB)  cause I knew I would be spending an entire hour in there! I did get a chance to see all the different trait chips, there are more than we saw before in a live broadcast!


1Competent Cleaner Any NanitePlumBot can clean
2A.I. AnglerAny Nanite +
Any Small Processor (x2)
PlumBot can fish
2HandiBotAny Nanite +
Any Small Processor
PlumBot can repair objects
3Steel ChefLite Nanite +
any Small Processor (x3)
PlumBot can cook
3Fear of HumansAny Nanite +
Any Small Processor
PlumBot is afraid of Sims
4Friendly FunctionsAny Small Processor (x3) +
Kindness Charged Crystal
Enables friendly social interactions
4RoboNannyScalar Nanite +
Any Small Processor
PlumBot can look after the kids
5Sense of HumorAny Small Processor (x3) +
Laughter Charged Crystal
Enables funny social interactions
5Sinister CircuitsAny Small Processor (x3) +
Rage Charged Crystal
Enables mean social interactions
6Office DroneLepton Nanite +
Quantum Nanite +
Any Small Processor (x2)
PlumBot can get a job
6Many MoodsNeutron Nanite +
Any Crystal +
Any Small Processor (x4)
Unlocks massage social interaction
and can give Happiness on a Sim
6Musical MachineCaustic Nanite +
Heisenberg Nanite +
Any Small Processor (x2)
PlumBot can make music
7Robotany GardnerAny Nanite (x3) +
Any Crystal +
Any Medium Processor
PlumBot can garden
7Solar PoweredCondensor Nanite +
Any Medium Processor
PlumBot can recharge energy in the Sun
7Capacity to LoveAny Medium Processor (x2) +
Love Charged Crystal (x5)
Enables romanitic social interactions
8Algoromitic ArtistTorque Nanite + Polar Nanite +
Any Medium Processor (x2)
PlumBot can paint
8Limitless LearningTunnelling Nanite +
Any Medium Processor (x3)
PlumBot can learn skills
8Simulated EmotionsLaughter Charged Crystal (x3) +
Kindness Charged Crystal (3) +
Rage Charged Crystal (3)
Unlocks social bar and mood
9Holo ProjectorInduction Nanite +
Any Medium Processor (x2) +
Any Large Processor
PlumBot can project holograms of other Sims
9EfficientThermo Nanite +
Any Medium Processor (x2) +
Any Large Processor
PlumBot uses energy more efficiently
10SentienceUber Nanite +
Any Crystal (x5) +
Any Large Processor
Makes PlumBots more Sim-like

As we can place 7 trait chips in a Plumbot, mine are going to have:

Competent Cleaner, A.I Angler, HandiBot, Steel Chef, RoboNanny, Office Drone and Robotany Gardner.

As a fellow Simmer commented at the event, I will be making a servant-bot.


Crash Site

I was also very curious about this new building I had not discovered yet, the crash site. An Alien ship has crashed down in Oasis Landing and you can find a small part of it in the wasteland.


Entering the crash site requires a key. Around the crash site you will find evacation  points (like in World Adventures) where you can find parts of the key. 4 parts are needed to make the key. You can then go down into the building and find treasures.


My Sim only found a very cute holosprite. My neighbor at the event (girl from @gamersnet) found a whole load of treasures, including The Sims 4 item that shows off some concept art and allows your Sim to dream about The Sims 4 (sorry no new information). I am not sure why she had different items in the crash site than me, it could be random. Could also depend on which future you are playing. I was playing the normal future, my neighbour was playing the dystopian future.

 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37


Cute thing about the sprites  [well everything is cute], you can feed them nanites!  Check their moods, talk with them. They feel like the parrots we got with The Sims 3 Pets, but cuter.


I tried to have one sprite on each shoulder but the game did not allow that.

Food Synthesizer

The food synthesizer comes with new foods: Pieces of Fruit, Chocolate Mini Gnome, Ball of fate, Super Suprise, FoodCube and SupriseStew. [We had a Dutch game, these translations might not be correct]

Screenshot-94 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-98

Also, your Sims can now eat insects, any insects including butterflies.

The Nature Soil Rug

This rug is really cool and allows you to place any plants on it, from build mode too! See these pictures how I could place a bush on the rug, but not on floor tiles.

Screenshot-77 Screenshot-78

I didn’t have a chance to try growing food on them

Random Finds

Tomb stones show holographic images of the deceased Sims

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-55

 Looking through glass floor tiles works well


There are still books in the future, sort of.


New easel


Fancy computer!


Nanites can be found randomly in the world and are easier to find at night.Screenshot-29

Infamous @SimCity poster, we are very excited for Cities of Tomorow @SimCity expansion pack!


You can have these projectors that show different views (beach/city/volcano/The Sims 4). The cool thing is that there are two sizes and put next to each other they are seamless.


Poor little houseboat.


And Utopian world is very pretty.


One thing that will be annoying me is the Utopian walk, the Sims walk in a funny way because they are so happy. And it takes I think twice as long to get anywhere with that walk…



I was not convinced on this expansion pack at all, but after this hands on session I cannot wait to actually play at home! It has a lot more fun little gameplay moments than I thought.

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