The Sims 3 World of Wonders Review

The Lights! The Sounds! The Smells! World of Wonder takes your Sims to the circus!

Well, almost!

The latest set from the Sims Store has all you need to create your own Big Top – and how you fill it is up to you.

The main thing that caught my eye with the set was the carousel. An honest-to-goodness, working carousel! I visited Walt Disney World last year and loved Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, so was delighted my Sims could have their own version. Although, I must admit, I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the set, at least not at first.


However, as I started thinking about where to place the Carousel – with The Boardwalk and the Toy Shop being the obvious answers – I began to realise how much potential the rest of the set was, and how many other packs and sets it ties in with!

Firstly, the venue itself with the big top gives a fantastic place for Showtime sims to perform, especially the acrobats and magicians. Currently, mine are performing for tips; I’m still playing with the idea of a Showtime stage to create a venue. With that, it also ties into store sets, such as Le Cirque Celebration! or even Seeing Stars – Just think of the sets those could create together! World of Wonders even works well in Midnight Hollow:


Using the rollercoaster from the Boardwalk set, adding the carousel and Whack-a-whatevers, the Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine and various arcade machines, you’ve got the makings of a decent fun fair.


My Supernatural fortune tellers can now have the option of working out of a tent, rather than a caravan – you may need a little help from a rabbit hole rug for this, although the Gypsy Caravan is small enough to build around fairly easily.

The big top pieces can also be adapted to add extra tent areas to the Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire – or any other Dragon Valley lot you want to adapt in a similar style!
And let’s not forget the candy floss and popcorn machines that are going to pop in on probably every Seasons Festival lot!

Overall, I think this is actually a very versatile set – I’m not sure how much use the venue itself will get long term in my game, but I think the bits and pieces will pop up time and again!

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  • Love this, so informative, great job! When I purchased the boardwalk set I was excited that it came with a carousel but i later found out it wasn’t functional. So I was wondering if the World of Wonder Carousel would fit and function on the boardwalk set and from your awesome review it turns out that it does! I was looking all over the net for a review regarding this and I’m glad I found your site. Thx for confirming this. We’re probably the only ones that thought about this, well maybe not the only ones but it sure seems like it because your article was the only one that showed up regarding this topic. Thx again!