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The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff Review

Written by deagh

I have to admit, the backyard is an area that I tend to neglect when it comes to my Sims.  They plant a garden and tend same, and that’s about all that ever happens in their backyards.  If their backyard is really big they might get a pool.  Maybe.  So I wondered what this pack had for me.  The answer is: Plenty!

The showpiece of the pack is definitely the water slides.

07-23-16_11-09-18 PM

There are two varieties, the affordable Justa Lawn Water Slide, and the fancier “AAAHH! Jaws of Death Lawn Water Slide”  Both are 2×14 tiles in size, so unfortunately only Sims with fairly decent sized yards will be able to use them at home, but they would be a good addition to a community playground or pool so that sims who live on smaller lots can enjoy them, too.  Both slides increase fun and provide some moodlets and build fitness and motor skills.  Sims can also build the mischief skill by adding soap to the slide.  Sims using the soapy slide seem to think that just adds to the fun, though, so this is one of the more innocuous uses of the mischief skill that I’ve seen.  More than one sim can use the slide at a time using the “slide with…” option to select multiple sims.  They will line up and take turns (which is a lot more polite than how I remember it going when I was a child, but I digress).  Sims can also watch the sliders, which can lead to an uncomfortable moodlet if they see a sim wipe out on the slide.

07-23-16_4-17-38 PM


I have to agree, though, that it sure does look pretty painful!

Not a lot of new CAS items, and those that are included are intended more for casual wear, but that is entirely appropriate to the theme of the pack, and what they lack in quantity they certainly make up for in quality.  All the CAS items are really quite nice.  There are a few tops and a couple of hairs for children, including a coloured hair – a first for children in The Sims 4:

Backyard Child Outfits Backyard Stuff Child Hair

and some hair and clothing for teens and adults as well.  One of the new teen/adult hairs has a lovely two-tone ombre set of colours that is definitely a new favorite of mine:

Backyard Adult-teen hair

Backyard CAS Teen-adult

Buy and build mode have some good additions for the backyard, and even some items that would go well inside the house.  We have three new outdoor styled rooms and lots of new backyard/garden party  items, including a picket fence, wind chimes, outdoor use tables and chairs, umbrella tables, wall decals and rugs, and more!

07-23-16_6-15-42 PM

You can also use this pack to make more use of the limited space in smaller houses by expanding outside – outdoor dining patio, anyone?

07-23-16_6-43-00 PM


All in all, this pack has a lot to offer, especially to sims who love the outdoors.  It is definitely a good addition to the game!


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