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The Sims 4 – Castle Estate Kit – Review

Written by deagh

Two new kits, Castle Estate Kit and Goth Galore Kit were released on 18 January 2024.  Thanks to the EA Creator’s network, we got to have a look at them.  This review will focus on the Castle Estate Kit.

The Castle Estate Kit is a Build kit.  With the exception of a couple of wall decorations in buy mode, everything in this kit can be found in the Build section.

Styled Room

There is one styled room, shown below.  It’s called the Grand Sitting Room, and at over 40,000 simoleans, it definitely will put a dent in your lord or lady’s budget! Do note that the buy mode items shown in the room do not come with this kit.

Build mode

This pack is almost entirely build mode focused.  There is one wall, one floor, one foundation pattern, some doors and windows, a couple of fences, a staircase/banister, a column, and a spandrel.  They all come in various patterns, though, so you could make a new castle, or one that looks like it’s been weathered by the hand of time.  Check the gallery below for more details!

Buy Mode

There are two items in buy mode, both decorations.  These are meant to go on the walls to look like part of said walls.


I generally do not build, so I will not be getting a lot of use out of this kit, unless I find something I like on the gallery that uses it.  That said, one thing I think this pack is missing is ruins.  It’s nice that there are some mossy and dirty textures to make castles look weathered, but there really aren’t any ruins.  However, if you have the Get Together Expansion, the ruins from that pack go surprisingly well with the textures from this kit, as shown below.  Castle Estate walls in the background, Get Together buy mode castle ruins in the foreground.  But it would have been nice if there had been at least a few ruins included with the kit.

Overall I think this pack will have some value for folks who like building elaborate manors and castles, or like playing medieval/nobility themed households.  If you are one of those people, whether it has enough value to you to spend the money on it is a decision that only you can make.  I personally would not have purchased this kit, but I am not a builder, and I don’t usually play medieval/royalty households, so I am not this pack’s target audience.

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