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The Sims 4 Cottage Living Gameplay trailer

Written by Annabelli_22

Today the game play trailer released for Cottage Living! 4 minute 13 second long game play trailer.
In the trailer we follow Harold, the llama. And he gives us a tour of Henford-on-Bagley and events happening there.


Henford-on-Bagley, also called “The HOB”, by Harold the llama at least. Combine living in a cottage in the woods, with the convenience of a modern-day village nearby. In the village you will find some shops, it’s the main hub for the villagers.


With fairs to showcase your chickens, eggs, cows, pies, crops and more. Getting together in the pub and meeting the other villagers is all that a small village life is about right?

Farm animals

Owning cows, llamas and chickens, and see wild animals as well, rabbits, foxes, birds, you can find it all in Henford-on-Bagley.

Showing off cows that turn rainbow colours and produce rainbow milk?? As well as llamas dressed fancy in a scarf and shades, a cow with a tophat, chickens in sweaters. Even foxes with a little bugler outfit.
But it looks like the animals don’t have the eternal life, and grim reaper does come for them (the trailer had an appropriate ‘aaaw’ sound for that)
And evil chickens (because let’s be honest, chickens ARE evil).

Crops and Canning

Grow your own huge crops, to use in your cooking, even canning as a new feature.
Make 16 different variations of jams, custards and veg(??)
And do you see the size of that aubergine? That’s insane!

And of course, a new woohoo spot can’t be missed! The animal shed where the cow or llama lives can also be used for a romantic little get away.
That really is some fireworks going on there!

A new skill is cross stitching. Not only can you do some pre set patterns, they also mention you can cross stitch from reference! That means you can stitch anything you want on your little hoop!

Build/Buy and CAS

All throughout the trailer we can see new CAS items, we can see a few different hairstyles for all ages and genders, lovely cottage style clothing and build items are also subtly shown off in this game play trailer.
As we can see a new kitchen, outdoor decor items and some cute clutter.


Want to take it all in yourself? Watch the trailer here.

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