The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack announced

Written by moza

Last week saw the reveal of the Summer of Sims roadmap, and today we get the first announcement from it – The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack, releasing June 1st.

The roadmap promised us the chance to “Snag a cool new career with a creative new game pack!” – and based on trailer, they look set to deliver.

The trailer is told from the point of view of Patina Wainscot, interior decorator, as she talks us through her dream career.  The glimpses we get of it suggest similarities with the playable careers we already have, such as Doctor or Detective, but also with the Architect profession from The Sims 3, where you have to meet clients, discuss the job, and complete renovations in line with their brief and budget.  No complaints here, as that was one of the more fun professions, in my opinion!  I’m sure we’ll get more details between now and launch!

As for the content, well this is where the pack looks set to shine, giving you a whole load of goodies to decorate your clients’ homes with!

Bunk beds get a mention – we know they’ve been patched into the base game and are already due some extra upgrades, so I’ll be interested to see what, if anything the pack adds to them.  We also look to have a cooktop separate from a cooker, although if it’s linked to a specific counter or free placed remains to be seen.

Most importantly, we have the return of sectional sofas!  This has been asked for a lot, and I’m happy to see them back, allowing us to make the sofa shapes we need!  In fact, a lot of the furniture has a modular feel to it, although I imagine it will be closer to the set up from Tiny Living Stuff than sectional – I’m happy to be wrong, but either way, I can see them getting used in my Sims’ homes a lot!

The trailer also includes a few familiar faces as clients, including Bob and Eliza Pancake and a made-over version of The Goths.

You can see the release blog here and as we get more info, we’ll share it with you.  I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what this pack brings!


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