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The Sims 4 – For Rent – FAQ with Devs!

Written by deagh

Sul Sul Simmers!

There’s a new article up on The Sims Site – a FAQ about the For Rent pack! You can read the full article here, but we’ve included some of the highlights below:

-The default limit for units in a Residential Rental is six, but this can be changed with a cheat – bb.increaserentalunitcap on/off, but there is a limit of 99 rental units per save.Each unit can have a full 8 Sim household
-There will be loading screens between units, but sims from other units will use the items in shared spaces
-You can switch units without going to manage worlds! There will be a new “Switch to Household” interaction on doors-There are some lots that cannot have residential rentals, like Sulani waterfront lots (aww, no beach apartments!), Penthouse Lots, and vacation worlds.

The new world has two neighborhoods with nine lots total.

  • 2 20×15
  • 3 20×20
  • 2 30×20
  • 1 30×30
  • 1 40×30

There’s a lot more in the full article, so give it a look.  There seems to be a lot of interesting gameplay possibilities in this new pack, so we’re looking forward to trying it out!

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