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The Sims 4 – Goth Galore Kit

Written by moza

Two new kits, Castle Estate Kit and Goth Galore Kit were released on 18 January 2024.  Thanks to the EA Creator’s network, we got to have a look at them.  This review will focus on the Goth Galore Kit.

When I look at a new Sims Pack, I consider it from two different angles.  Firstly, how well does it fit the style of the pack?  Secondly, how well does the new content fit with the existing game content?  I will happily use a number of elements from the Journey to Batuu kit for Sims that have never set foot in  that world, for example.

Looking at the Goth Galore Kit, it includes 24 new CAS items, tagged for teen and up, each of which comes in a range of colourways, from the traditional Goth black, through reds and greys to pastel pink.  There are three make-up items, four accessories (two head, two body), eight tops, five bottoms, two full-body outfits and two pairs of boots.  

The first thing that struck me was the lack of hairstyles.  The Goth aesthetic has some pretty specific hairstyles, and while there are a few close from base game or other packs, there’s nothing exactly right.

The clothes are good for what they are, and I want to go and find Angela and Lilith Pleasant for the extreme opposite makeovers.  It does tend to lend itself more to the punk end of the Goth spectrum, which surprises me – given the show’s recent popularity, I’d have expected a bit more towards the Wednesday Addams style.  There are a few pieces, like the leather jacket, that I can see getting regular use in my game.

Some of the other packs work well with it – I mixed and matched items from the Vampires and Werewolves Game Packs, and the Vintage Glamour Stuff pack to get some outfits I could see my Sims wearing.  Examples below:

Overall, as a Kit, it does what it says, and gives you a selection of Goth-style outfits.

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