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The Sims 4 High School Years Information

Written by Annabelli_22

First, we would like to thank The EA Creators Network for the opportunity to gather this information for you.

On July 28th The Sims 4 High School years will release worldwide.
Today The Sims team will also live stream and show off the pack. A lot of what they will show or have shown, will also be in this post.
So if you don’t have the time to watch the live stream, or you just want to recap, look no further. We have you covered.

High school

High school works like an active career. Similar to that of Get to Work medical or law enforcement, or like Get Famous, the acting careers.
The main difference though, is that this is only for teens. And if you have multiple teens in 1 household? Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose which one you go to school with, you can select them all to actively steer them through their high school years.

On the first day on Copperdale high school you will have to report to the principle to get your class roster.
You can follow the classes, decorate your locker, spend time with friends during lunch.

Or you could pull some pranks on your classmates, skip class and be that rebellious teen you know you are in your heart. Be careful not to get caught though, because you can end up in detention.
Or worse, you can even get expelled. And yes, you can fail high school. Expulsion is a way, not getting good enough grades is another. You won’t get your diploma if you don’t have the grades for it.

If you have The Sims 4 University, this can impact if you get into University. And your career options might also be more limited if you do not have a high school degree.
But don’t worry, the choices a teen Sim made don’t have to be permanent. Your Sim can follow night/online school to get their diploma later. You’ll need it for Uni as well.

School building

The school is a fixed lot in Copperdale. And all teens will go to Copperdale High. The lot is similar to the Von Haunts Estate in The Sims 4 Get Together. But, you CAN build your own school. Just one that 1 particular lot.
If you have a Sim on that lot, you can enter build mode, and change the entire structure, or download one from the Gallery to place. The School has to not be in session though, you can’t disrupt classes 😉
The lot is 64×64 in size. We’ve already seen some Simmers build some incredible school buildings, so there are some cool options to choose from if you do not like the pack one, or if you’re not a builder yourself.


When in high school you can also join a few clubs.
If you want to do some pretty cool flips and cheer for your sports team, why not join the cheerleaders. If your fitness skill is high, the more daring and skilled tricks your Sims can do.

More the rough athletic type? The American Football team is also an option.
Not into physical sports at all? Don’t worry, you can also sport with your brain, and join the chess club or the computer club.
When you join a team, you can also get a rival within your team.
It’s unsure to me if you can join only 1 at a time, or multiple. And when and how they meet we’ve also not figured out yet. Once we know more, we’ll update this of course!

There will also be school events, like a Football Sports Team Day. Sims will more likely show up in sports attire during a school day like that, to show support of the team.

Prom and school dances

A big part of teenage years, are the social activities. We have the clubs for that of course.
But school dances, and prom especially play a major part.

Go solo, go with friends, or ask your crush as your prom date. With this expansion pack it’s possible to do an official promposal. You can create your own promposal sign to ask someone to prom with.

Prom Royalty

There is no prom king and queen, but instead you have 1 person be Prom Royalty, which is not gendered, but open for all, and Prom jester, which is also open for all.
You can ask other teens vote for you to be Prom Royalty or Prom jester and maybe it will even be you!

If you are popular/friendly enough, you might even get invited to the afterparty! The one we saw was held at the fair, which is located in the world (it’s not a lot). Where Sims just hung out.


Prom will be held in the auditorium. Which is a fixed lot in Copperdale. You can’t change the lot type of this lot, but you can build your own. And not just 1, but 4 different version for different occasions. It works similar to the community lots we saw in The Sims 4 Eco living. Auditorium is the main lot type, but there are in total 4 sub types. 1 for prom, which is called Formal Dance, so you can decorate it any way you like. And not just decorate, you can change the whole building.
1 for graduation, which is called High School Graduation, where you can also create your own vibe.
And then there is the “basic” auditorium type, and a Career Day Auditorium.


This whole pack revolves around the teenage years. How they develop, and find their own personalities.
They will develop their likes and dislikes. Have wants and fears. which is a base game update.

Teen Aspirations

There are also new aspirations specific for teens. Called “teen” with 4 sub categories. we have “Goal Oriented” where they want to achieve the best in everything like grades, sports and money.
Of course, there is the “Drama Llama” they just want drama all the time.
“Live Fast” and ”

These aspirations are only available for teens, and if you complete them before aging up, you get the related bonus trait for it. So they’re in a way similar to the child aspirations.
Difference is, you are able to also still just choose the regular aspirations as well.


There’s also a new trait, socially awkward. Which we also saw that Kevin has in the instagram takeover

Hair growth and acne

Hair growth is something new with this pack, body hair will be added as a base game feature, but hair growth is only for this pack.

If you enable this, your beard, leg, back and any body hair will grow. To maintain this, you will need to shave or trim.
Shaving your back or legs for example, can be done in the shower (not tub 🙁 ) and your beard can be done at the mirror (or sink?).

And another feature most commonly associated with teens, is acne. They wanted to bring this feature as lighthearted as possible, to not make it too heavy. So the most that you will need to do for this, is clean your face on a regular basis.

Thrift store

There is an actual thrift store, where you can buy your own outfits, and the selection available will change every day.
You can create a whole look, and store it as a look! The game will use the clothing tags to give it a style category, but you can give it a name yourself. If you buy it, you receive a little bag in your Sim inventory.


Another way to get new outfits from previous owners, is Trendi, which is an online shop, where you can place your own outfits on, have them be rated, or you can sell your outfits on there as well, and earn a bit of money from there.

To succesfully sell an outfit on Trendi, you should promote it. The more followers you have, the better it will sell. Take selfies with the outfit to show it off. And check what is trending at the moment to get a better feel for what you should promote.

If you sell an outfit on Trendi, you need to ship it out to the Sims, and you can only do this at home.

New (part time) career

There are also new part time careers. The clubs show up in here, but also the new career, Video Game Streamer.

You can also create your Simtuber avatar. How was not showed yet, just mentioned


Copperdale is a town that has a history in copper mines, but that is long history.
There are 3 neighbourhoods, along a river.

There is a fun fair along the shore line with a Ferris wheel, love boat ride and a haunted house, which also are new woohoo spots! But be careful to not get caught, because if you do, you can get banned from the rides.

And all along the world you can find little hang out spots for teens to just meet up at. We will be sure to tour the world again with Moza in the coming weeks.


We missed a lot of stuff in the live stream, but in the coming weeks, before and after launch of this pack, we will be covering things in more indepth in coming posts.
If there is anything you want to see, let us know! And we will make sure to add it!

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