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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventures – first impressions

Written by moza

The latest game pack from The Sims 4, Jungle Adventures, allows your sims to travel to the exotic jungle of Selvadorada.  EA was kind enough to give us a review code so we are able to show you what is in the pack before you buy it.

You travel to Selvadorada and book lodgings in much the same way as you would to Granite Falls, but there the similarities end.  There are also obvious comparisons to The Sims 3 World Adventures, but we’ll get onto those.

There are 4 lots to stay at, with prices starting at §228 a night.  Choose one, and how many nights you want to stay, though you will have the option to extend your trip.  You pick up some expedition supplies on arrival, but I would seriously recommend that you make your first stop the marketplace at the cantina to top up.

Once you’re ready, head on up to the Belomisia Trailhead, and start your exploration.

For a first impressions article, I’m not going into details about how to follow the trail.  In short, though, it plays like a cross between World Adventure Tombs, and the rabbit hole adventures like the catacombs.  One advantage over The Sims 3 tombs is that trails seal back up over time, so even if you take the same sims back on a subsequent trip, you still start over.  One other big difference is that not every area is explorable each time – and sometimes areas you’ve been in previously are sealed on future trips.  There’s plenty to keep you going back and searching again.

One thing I’ve said in previous reviews that EA have got right with The Sims 4 packs is the blend of themed items with generally usable, and the same applies here, too.  In CAS, there’s a pair of trousers each for male and female sims with a thigh pouch that might look a bit out of place in San Myshuno, but other than that, the hair and clothes would fit in anywhere.

Likewise, the furniture and build objects include a broad enough range to allow some themed lots – already I can imagine some fun hacienda styled bars and restaurant lots – but will also fit in with day to day sim-life, with bits and pieces for all rooms of the house.

Overall, The Sims 4 Jungle Adventures is a good solid pack, with something for everyone.

This review is made possible by the code EA has given us. Our opinions are our own.

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