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The Sims 4 Kits – Basement Treasures and Greenhouse Haven

Written by moza


Two new The Sims 4 Kits launched this week, and thanks to the EA Creators Network, we received copies to review.  All opinions are our own.

Both kits – The Sims 4 Basement Treasures kit and The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven kit are what I would describe as Build/Buy clutter sets, and the names are pretty self-explanatory.

Greenhouse Haven adds wall and floor coverings, and windows and doors to help design a greenhouse or conservatory for your Sims, along with a lot of gardening related clutter – pots and seedlings for example – to fill it out.

Basement Treasures is a collection of seen-better-days furniture which is based on That 70s Show.  I’ve never watched it, but I do get a Wayne’s World studio vibe from it, so similar!

Generally, I like the objects.  They fit the theme of their packs and have a good range of colourways.  The main criteria for me with any Sims pack, but especially the new style kits, is how well do they blend with the rest of my game and how much do they add to my game?  In both cases, the answer to the first question is a resounding yes.  The second?  Well, it depends on your play style.  Personally, there are a few items I can see getting regular use to add variety, but there’s nothing I can’t live without.

To test out the fitting-in side, I made some changes to the Goth’s mansion in Willow Creek.  Where they once had a dining room, now Cass has a conservatory, as she wants to study Botany.  And while Alexander lives in the attic rather than the basement, his room got a makeover too!

There have been a lot of packs recently where the gardening theme is evident, so this expands the options here.  The conservatory I set up also includes items from Basement Treasures, City Loft and Journey to Batuu – love that herb wall display!  For Basement Treasures, that fits in for me with the University pack, taking me back to my days in student accommodation along with the reuse and recycle theme of Eco Lifestyle.  Not to mention, those crates of vinyl records to go next to the turntable from Get Famous.

Overall, the kits add some fun and colour to the game.  If you’re into gardening, or a fan of Aston Kucher, then go for it.  For me, nice but non-essential.


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