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The Sims 4 Modern Luxe Kit

Written by moza

This weekend saw the release of two more The Sims 4 Kits – Modern Luxe and Poolside Splash.  Thanks to the EA Creator’s network, we got a peek at both of them.

Here. we’ll focus on the Modern Luxe Kit.

The Sims 4 Modern LUxe Kit is a Build Buy Kit, which focusses mostly on your bedroom, although some of the items would cross to living rooms or studies as well.

Base colours are creams and golds, with a few hints of pink as well.  The colour swatches vary from light and feminine to darker, more masculine vibes, making it a versatile pack.  One of my favourite items are the new curtains.  They come in two heights, and have separate left and right curtains, allowing you to put them on most sizes of windows.  But, best of all IMO, there’s also a curtain rod piece that you can put between them, giving the appearance of a full curtain rod across the window!  I will note that in some lights, the colours can look slightly off between the curtains and the pole if you look closely, but it’s not enough to be offputting in gameplay.

Overall, it’s a pretty collection of items that fits in well with the rest of the game content.  While I don’t know that I could describe this, or any, kit as a “must have” if you’re looking to add some versatile, higher end furniture to your Sims’ lives, you could to a lot worse!


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