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The Sims 4 – Modern Menswear Kit

Written by deagh

The Sims 4 has released a new kit – Modern Menswear.  They’ve partnered with fashion house Stefan Cooke to bring their take on men’s fashion to The Sims. and thanks to the EA Creator Network, we received a code to review the kit.

The kit has 23 pieces, all of which are Sims recreations of actual pieces from Stefan Cooke’s collection.  There are tops, bottoms, full body outfits, shoes, and three styled looks, but no accessories, no hair, and no makeup.  All the outfits are for teens and Young Adult/Adult/Elder Sims.  They are all marked “masculine”, but, as with all Sims clothing, all Sims of the appropriate age groups can wear them. Designer Stefan cook had this to say about his creations:

“We’re taking quintessential menswear items and repurposing them, whether it’s through textiles or silhouette,” explains Cooke.  “The brand is about redefining masculinity,” continues Cooke. “We always try to be authentic, and without excluding anyone. We’re about redeveloping and refining old ideas, but making them incredibly modern, and pushing that idea to the point that it transcends things like gender.”

Stefan Cooke certainly lives up to the All the outfits look just fine on both masculine and feminine frame Sims, and some of them, in my opinion, look at least as good, if not better, on feminine frame Sims.  The colors are generally on the neutral side, although there are some outfits with more colorful swatches.  All the outfits are tagged for everyday and party, with a few being tagged for formal.  None are tagged as outerwear, although a few of them do look cold weather appropriate.

Overall, this pack is more versatile than I thought it would be.  I am a fairly fashion-challenged individual, but I like most of these outfits, and can see putting them on some of my Sims, both male and female framed.

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