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The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting – Community Game Pack

Written by moza

EA was kind enough to give us an early access review code through the EA Game changers program.

Our views are our own. We hope you find them helpful in deciding whether to buy this pack.

The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack is the second community voted stuff pack, following on from The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack.

The big focus of the game play is on the new knitting skill, and the addition of Plopsy, which allows you to sell a lot of your crafter items.  CAS and build/buy have a selection of new assets, some readily available, and some that need to be unlocked via knitting.

Create A Sim

The majority of CAS items are unlockable via knitting, although there are a few tops, jeans and hairs available as well.

We all particularly love the “silver fox” hair that featured in the trailer, and in our featured image above!

All knit items also have a “fail” version, if the knitting skill isn’t quite up to it – I like them, they remind me of the Imaginary Friends for The Sims 3 Generations!

And, due to popular demand, there is now knittable onesies for babies and toddlers!

Build/Buy Mode

The build/buy items are focussed around setting up a cosy craft space, including desks, shelves and deco.  The two key items are the rocking chair, which comes in 4 different styles and the yarn basket, which has 2 styles.  The knittable items are unlocked as you learn to knit them, and can also be found in Buy mode via the debug cheat.

The deco items/toys that can be knitted are cute, and have a decent skill boost when toddlers play with them.

Knitting Skill

The main focus of the pack is the new Knitting skill.  Like real life, it’s easy to learn the basics – just buy one of the yarn baskets, and add to your Sim’s inventory.  You can then start knitting either by clicking the basket, the Sim, or most chairs.  It’s worth noting that slotted chairs – ie those tucked under tables or desks – won’t allow the action.  However, as in real life, it also takes a lot of practice to build up the knitting skill!  You start on beanies and socks, working up to more complex items as your skill increases.  Completed projects can be worn, sold – either from inventory or Plopsy, donated, or gifted.  Partial products can be picked up and put back down – you can have multiple projects on the go at once.  You also have the option to “frog” items, completed or not, ie rip them out and start over!

Clicking Knit will give various options, depending on your skill level and what you’ve done already.  Knit Clothing, Knit Object, Resume Projects, or Frog Project.  Once your skill is high enough, you can teach others to knit – and as someone who has fond memories of her Granny teaching her to knit as a kid – or at least trying to teach me! – it is one of the cutest interactions in the game for me!

There is also a new Aspirations Lord/Lady of the Knits, which as a Creative Aspiration, adds the Muser personality trait, and gives the Sacred Knitting Knowledge trait.

Knitting is a fun addition, it ties into the overall game really well, and enhances a lot of different aspects.


Plopsy is the new way to sell most of your created items.  There are a few exceptions, such as robots and homegrown produce, but the majority of items your Sim creates can be sold.

Using Plopsy to sell items is pretty straightforward.  Simply click on the item in your Sims’s inventory, and select “List on Plopsy”  It costs §10 to list an item, and it will remain available for 4 days.  You’ll either get a pop up telling you that someone wants to buy the item, in which case, you can click on it and send it, or the listing will expire.  You also have the option to unlist items, or relist them if they fail to sell.  Higher quality items will, as you might expect, command a higher price.

From my initial attempts, the returns from selling on Plopsy seems reasonable, although I’ve yet to try having it as the sole source of income for a household.

It’s not all one way, though.  If your Sims wants some of those cute hand made items but doesn’t have the time or skill to make them, they can browse Plopsy on the PC and buy them instead.


One final addition to the game is two new music stations on the stereo – Focus and, at long last, METAL!  And yes, it’s all in caps in game, too!

Both stations will help your Sims’ focus while knitting, and the METAL stations has a few fun tweaks to the menu as well as the option to AIR GUITAR!  It also includes Simlish versions of a few real songs, including ones by Trivium and The Hu.  No, not The Who, The Hu.  They’re a Mongolian Heavy Metal Band.  Go check them out on You Tube and thank me later!


The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting is a fun addition to the series.  Due to it’s very specific focus, it is able to do what it does, really well.  Full disclosure, I’m a crafter when I’m not playing The Sims, so there’s a few jokes in the items descriptions that hit very close to home!  In a good way.

One question we had as a team is around the long term playability and if our Sims will be knitting away in a few generations, in the same way they are still going to Uni.  I think a lot of that depends on your play style.  The addition of Plopsy, which includes items from across the series as sellable items is a definite boost, though!

Thank you again to EA Game Changers for the Early Access code.

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