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The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack – Announcement

Written by Lebanna

Well it’s official, The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack is coming, on January 26th!. Stuff packs usually have a global release, that means that it will release around 10am PST. Which is 6pm UK time.
We have summerised the information below.

Official information by EA
Blog post by EA


While most things in the Sims seems to be rainbows and sunshine, this pack looks to be taking a more darker theme, a more… haunted theme.
With flickering lights at night, doors that close suddenly while you’re home alone. You can now create Haunted houses! How is yet unknown, will it be with a lot trait?

New Gameplay features added

Haunted houses
So your Sims house is haunted. Mysterious runes and clay hands appear randomly while crawling vines sprout in the yard.
The sacred candle your Sim lit for safety blows out with barely a wisp of smoke. And no one knows where that horrifying doll came from.
As the house gets weirder and weirder, goosebumps rise and scared Sims scatter in a panic-induced terror.

The little ghosties from the GIF teasers seem to be called “specters”. Some of these are playful, others mischievous or just downright ill-natured.
You can learn to please the specters so you will once again have a good nights sleep. Someone who is great at teaching you how, is Claude René Duplantier Guidry (the Ghost)
Try to offer gifts or communicate with the specters to please them, clean up or remove accursed objects. If they’re satisfied, the specter fades away, and might even leave a present.
If not, then it’s time to turn to the séance table.

Séances are a way to communicate with the world beyond. You can perform a séance with the séance table to send the mood of specters, commune with the dead or complete a ghastly ritual.
Sims can also summon Guidry through the séance table. Using the séance table will also help you with building the new Medium Skill

Bonehilda is also returning! Call on her with the séance table to get a little help with cleaning.

Paranormal Investigator

Once your Sims is no longer terrified, has restored balance to the home and masters the paranormal, Guidry presents a coveted Paranormal Investigator licence.
This means you can become a ghost hunter and pick up gigs as a freelance Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims who are experiencing some weird activities at their homes.

The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack will release world wide on January the 26th on PC/MAC, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

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