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The Sims 4 – Party Essentials Kit Review

Written by deagh

The latest The Sims Kits – The Sims 4 Urban Homage and Party Essentials kits released this week, and thanks to the EA Creators Network, we got a chance to dive in and have a look.

This review focuses on the Party Essentials Kit – check out our review of the Urban Homage kit here

This is a buy mode kit, meaning there are no CAS or build items in this kit.  What is here is, as advertised din the name of the pack, party decor!  Let’s have a looksee.

First, there is one styled room, and it gives you a pretty good sampling of everything in the kit.

However, since there are no build mode items in this kit, let’s look strictly at what is included, just so you can see exactly what you’re getting before you decide whether or not to pick up this kit.

Not pictured is the invisible 3×3 dance floor because, well, it’s invisible.  But note that you can overlap as many of these dance floors as you want, to make some interesting shapes.  That is the most notable thing about this pack, actually – you can layer pretty much all of the wall and floor decor.  I especially like the LED light strip, pictured behind the television, as you can potentially use that to backlight quite a few different wall hangings.  The neon sign comes in several different recolors, and they are completely different signs, not just different colors of the same sign.  There’s also a bar and a fog machine, and an old-school turntable.  The bar and the turntable especially have a bit of a 70s (that’s the 1970s for those of you too young to remember them) vibe to them.

Anyone who likes throwing parties for their Sims is going to enjoy this pack.  Unfortunately I am not one of those Simmers, so I don’t think I will get heavy use out of this pack.  However, I do like some of the decor, and the neon signs are just begging to go into the Britchester household that I pretend is a frat house.  So while this pack is not particularly my cup of tea, there are some good pieces in it, even for a non-party-haver like myself.

In conclusion, I think this pack delivers what it promises, but it doesn’t fit well with my gameplay style so I probably would not have purchased it.  But if it does fit in with the way you play, it might be a fun addition.

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