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The Sims 4 – Poolside Splash Kit

Written by deagh

Two new The Sims 4 Kits were released this weekend – Modern Luxe and Poolside Splash.  Thanks to the EA Creator’s network, we got a peek at both of them.

Here we’ll have a look at the Poolside Splash Kit.

The Sims 4 Poolside Splash Kit is a CAS Kit, which focusses mostly on swimwear, although some of the items would look great as hot weather or even everyday clothing as well.

The main colors are various shades of blue and a terra cotta/orange colour, along with black and white, and a bit of pink.  Both masculine and feminine options – and the one child swimwear – feature these colors.  There are some accessories – the expected sunglasses, but also a couple of necklaces, a bracelet, and some fingernails.  We also have some wedge sandals and some slides, and two styled looks.  No hats, although one of the styled looks does use a base game hat, and no hairs.

The fact that the colors coordinate across the pieces make the options in the pack more versatile than I first thought.  Pretty much all the pieces go together so one can mix and match.  I’m a little disappointed, although not surprised, that there are more feminine than masculine options.  At least the necklaces and the bracelet look good on both masculine and feminine Sims.

Overall, this is a collection of pretty good looking swimwear/hot weather wear.  There’s a string bikini, which I wasn’t expecting, and also a Speedo-type masculine swimsuit, which was also a bit unexpected.

I won’t say this is a must-have, but if you feel like the swimwear in your game is lacking, then this kit is certainly worth a look!

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