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The Sims 4 Sept Anniversary Patch

Written by Annabelli_22

Yesterday The Sims had their Maxis Monthly and 5 year Anniversary live stream.

Yesterday The Sims had their Maxis Monthly and 5 year Anniversary live stream.
If you have missed it, you can watch the video here: Twitch The Sims September Maxis Monthly

But of course we do a quick recap of all the things shared here too! SimguruFrost had already shared with us before hand we would get new Build/Buy items as well as CAS items. But this leaves a lot of room on what that could be. The new features will come with the new patch, that will go live on September 5th, at around 6pm UK time (That is tomorrow!)

Something else new, which debuted with the last Guru Garage live stream, is the live stream set up. What do you think of it?


New stair types have been highly requested since the beginning of The Sims 4. Spiral stair cases, L-shaped, T-Shaped, U-shaped, you name it. Well, the way we build stairs will be given an overhaul with the update. All stairs can be configured into L-shaped, U-shaped or what ever weird shape you make. It does only do 90 degree angles at the time, so no flowing curves or spiral staircases. This tool however is very versatile, and you can adjust where there is a landing, and how many. You can also have stairs overlap each other, as long as there is enough height clearance.

T-shaped stairs aren’t possible with a single staircase, but if you combine 2 set together like the image below, you get the same idea. So get creative! What shapes can you create?
We can’t wait to get our hands on those stairs!!

CAS items

New CAS items are added for kids and adults. For women there is a hijab/headscarf, that is most likely under the hat category. As well as a kufi for males and some clothing While this is Muslim inspired content, it can be used for other things as well. Think of grandmas that used headscarfs to protect their hair, or Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look.

But there is other CAS content as well. They haven’t shown us all, but did show a quick glance at Summer in a new outfit as well as other Sims.
The outfits look very summery. Can’t wait to see the other colour options as well as possibly more CAS items that weren’t shown yet.


Build/buy isn’t forgotten either. There are quite a few new items coming.
There are new patio items, that include a lounge chair with funky patterns, a gnome side table, that can hold 1 item, a new small frosted glass table, a new patio dining table, again with funky patterns like grilled cheese.
But there are also new fences, that have lights built in! as well as a matching rail and new foundation stilts.

Build items include new arches, new windows and a front door.

The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay

Firemonkeys had a video to share as well during the Maxis Monthly. Here they shared screenshots and in game footage of the Moschino items that went live yesterday in The Sims Freeplay, and will release Sept 11th in The Sims Mobile.

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