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The Sims 4 Werewolves – First Impressions

Written by moza

I was lucky enough to get am advance code for The Sims 4 Werewolves, thanks to the EA Creators Network.  This article will detail my first impressions, we’ll add more detailed features over the next few weeks.

There’s quite a lot in this pack.  There’s a new world, Moonwood Mills, new CAS and Buy/Build items, and of course the new Occult lifestate which brings a lot of Lycanthrope Lore as well.

The world is fairly small – on a par with Glimmerbrook or Forgotten Hollow, with 5 lots.  There’s a library, a bar/hangout. one inhabited lot, one empty starter house and one empty lot.  The theming is that of an old forgotten logging town, and there are a few non-lot playable areas, such as the pack hang outs or the swimmable lake.  There’s a new tunnel network to explore as well.  And, there’s Greg.  As always with a new pack, I’ll be exploring the world on our Twitch channel this Friday – 17th June, at 7:30pm UK Time.

CAS and Build/Buy is well themed, a mix of grunge and well worn.  Although there are some werewolf specific items, a lot of it would fit into some of the more rustic packs, such Seasons, Nifty Knitting or Cottage Living.  With the exception of a couple of dresses and skirts, all the CAS items are set to both genders by default.  There’s a cute onesie for toddlers, but no hairs – they start from child upwards.

Werewolves themselves can be created in CAS – in game lore they are either bitten or born.  Overall, I think the general design of the beasts is the weakest part of the pack, I prefer the designs in previous iterations of the game, especially Sims 3.  But that’s down to personal preference and really, I’m just glad to have them back!  Their beast form is similar to creating them for other occults, with the option to link features or keep separate.  Coats are created in a similar fashion to Pets, with the option of layers, paintbrushes and stencils.

Gameplay, I have barely scratched the surface of this, and I think in the longer term this is where the pack will shine. There seems to be a well-developed Lore as the backbone of the pack, which I’m looking forward to exploring.  As someone who loves paranormal fiction, I can’t wait to see the interactions between the different occults, especially werewolves, vampires and spellcasters.  In fact, I need to look at making Willow and Oz!  You’ve got the rivalry between the two packs, and of course, Greg.

They’ve also taken a different approach to aspirations with this pack, with a Werewolf Initiate aspiration the only one in CAS, and others opening up once you complete it in game.

In summary, my first impressions are I like what I see, it’s a solid pack, and I’m looking forward to digging into the gameplay and lore when I have more time to play.

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