The Sims Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay Survey

The Sims FreePlay is offering a survey for feedback. This Survey is a strong indication of what updates are coming up next, which shows that they really do listen to your feedback!


To take the free survey, open up FreePlay, and go to the in game store. The survey should appear where the ads show up.

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  • I started to take the survey but I didn’t finish it and now it’s gone and I can’t find it again. It’s not even in my internet history. How can I finish the survey?

  • Hi,
    I was just wandering it would be great if the create a sim was more detailed make people fat skinny tall or short, just better and a mall to go in as the player as well and buy stuff that you can’t buy in edit, and make supernatural sims with powers and all and baby’s should be free

    • Why is the first baby free when you do the two and a half sims quest but not after? Why does it take twenty four stupid hours to have a baby? That sucks waiting! I wish there was a thing where if you watch videos you get free 100,000 simoloans. But I can tell it won’t happen.?

  • Hello Sims forum, i really have some good feedback to help you improve your game. I am currently in level 34 and i spent alot of money to get alot of lp. as made houses i got a message saying i reached the sim limit. this really sucks because i can only have 34 sims! Please make a new island or land and make the sim limit higher but for pay by lp. and please make new buildings like a mall update or a space update. please consider this thank you.

    contact me at [email protected] or [email protected].

  • Hello, I was completing offers for LP and once I was done all the requirements, I did not get rewarded. Please fix this because I spent so much time and money pn the offer but… No LP? Come on! Please fix this and compensate LP for my time and money. I have been playing this game and now I don’t know if I should anymore.