Makin’ Magic guide to Spells, Charms and Baking!

Written by sww
Did you know you can age up Children to Adults or turn your Pets into fully fledged Sims?

These are all possible with The Sims Makin’ Magic spells! In this guide we will show you the ingredients and effects of all the recipes you can make in the game!

Then you can also bake pies, bread and make nectar with the Makin’ Magic expansion pack!

Charms and Spells for Adults
Turn Sim into a Toad, to undo the spell your Sim can pick them up and kiss them.
Spellbound Wand ChargerButterToadstoolsToad Sweat
Beauty or Beast
Transform the Sim into a mule, witnessing Sims may also transform into mules.
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxBeeswaxBeeswax
Relationship Boost
Boosts relationship with Sim.
Spellbound Wand ChargerHoneyHoneyPixie Dust
Horn of Plenty
Generates four platters of food.
EverAfter CrafterGolden ThreadMagic BeansMagic Beans
Cast this spell on a gnome to make him alive and do chores for you.
Spellbound Wand ChargerButterToadstoolsPixie Dust
Dish Wish
Clears all the dirty dishes on the lot.
EverAfter CrafterGolden ThreadGolden ThreadLlama Spit
Get Happy
Cheers up the Sims’ mood.
Spellbound Wand ChargerHoneyGrapesPixie Dust
Rain of Riches
Easily get §50,000 with this charm!
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxRubber ChickenDiamond Dust
Shed Your Skin
Turns your Sim into a ghost but during the day it will cause snakes on your lot!
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxBeeswaxSands of Time
Smiley Face
Immediately gives you a friend.
Spellbound Wand ChargerHoneyGarlicToad Sweat
Polar Attraction
Makes other Sims think your Sim is interesting.
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxDragon ScalesLlama Spit
Removes the other Sim from your lot.
Spellbound Wand ChargerButterSnake VenomGarlic
Clone Drone
Sends a clone of your Sim to work
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxSands of TimePegasus Feather
Perfect Garden
Helps you have the perfect garden, downside can be gnomes!
EverAfter CrafterGolden ThreadMagic BeansFour-Leaf Clover
Magic Mood
Increases your Sims’ mood, though can go bad! Use at your own risk!
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxMagic BeansGlacial Glass
Love Struck
Immediately get a love interest.
Spellbound Wand ChargerHoneyDragon TearsPixie Dust
Makes other Sim happy and calm before you use your evil interactions 😉
Spellbound Wand ChargerButterToad SweatClown Confetti
Of House and Home
Summons Wally O’Wisp to clean and repair your home. His sister does the opposite, so be careful!
EverAfter CrafterGolden ThreadGlacial GlassPegasus Feather
The Big Question
Allows your Sim to instantly marry another Sim.
Spellbound Wand ChargerHoneyClown ConfettiWizard Eyelashes
Price Of Fame
Instantly become famous, though be careful of the obsessed fans!
EverAfter CrafterBeeswaxDiamond DustBlack Roses
A Friend Indeed
Turn your pet into a Sim!
Spellbound Wand ChargerButterPet TreatsClown Confetti
Charms and Spells for Children
Beauty or Beast Jr.
Transform the Sim into a mule, witnessing Sims may also transform into mules.
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsToadstoolsToadstools
Get Happy Jr.
Cheers up the Sims’ mood.
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsDragon ScalesFaerie Dust
Creates a little gnome that takes care of the garden
The MagicoNeomagical NewtFaerie DustFaerie DustDragon Tears
No More Puddles?
Increase your Sims hygiene!
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsToadstoolsDragon Tears
Make Cakes
Makes cakes!
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsToadstoolsFaerie Dust
Smiley Face Jr.
Make another Sim happy.
The MagicoNeomagical NewtDragon TearsDragon TearsFaerie Dust
Invisible Friend
Creates a friend that only your Sim can see.
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsFaerie DustFaerie Dust
Clone Drone Jr.
Send a clone of your Sim to school.
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsDragon TearsDragon Scales
Age of Instant
Age up your Sim!
The MagicoNeomagical NewtToadstoolsDragon ScalesDragon Scales
Cook Book Recipes
Grape Nectar
A PressingFeelingGrapesGrapesSugar
Elderberry Nectar
A PressingFeelingSugarElderberriesElderberries
Honey Nectar
A PressingFeelingHoneyGrapesSugar
Freshly Baked Bread
Standard-PlusBrick Oven

for Bakers

Baking MixBaking MixBaking Mix
Homemade Cake
Standard-PlusBrick Oven

for Bakers

ButterSugarBaking Mix
Carrot Cake
Standard-PlusBrick Oven

for Bakers

ButterBaking MixPicked Carrots
Elderberry Pie
Standard-PlusBrick Oven

for Bakers

SugarElderberriesBaking Mix

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