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The Sims Mobile Countdown to Halloween Event

Written by Annabelli_22

The Countdown to Halloween event is live!
Fulfill quests to countdown to the Halloween event that’ll be coming soon. Reward items will give you a head start with the Halloween event.


You have 6 days starting from the 18th of October, at 11 am local time and there are 19 quests to do.
Someone sped through these quests and listed all the quests and their rewards, including how much time they will take you to do them.


Tips and Tricks

One of the first quests is to start a new relationship, these new relationshipa should be friendships, not the romantic or the enemy stories.
The quest is fulfilled when you have chosen a story to play out with that Sim.

Unlocked rewards will show up in your inventory, so look hard to find them! (Wouldn’t an inventory filter be nice here? Or a way to sort on ‘newest’)

Have fun with the quests! And happy pre-Halloween!

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