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The Sims Mobile – First impression

Written by Annabelli_22

During my visit to Gamescom I was able to try out The Sims Mobile!
I played on an iPad for about 2 hours. There I got to explore the game for the first time and ask SimGurus questions if I was wondering about particular things or got stuck.

More in depth posts will come at a later post but, here are my first impressions about it!


You start out by creating a Sim, because without a Sim, you can’t do anything. You can either randomize or or create your very own Sim
I liked that there were actually quite a lot of options to customize the shape of you Sim and I found it very easy to use as well.
Change the muscle tone, the overall shape, how skinny of big your Sim is, etc.
For the clothing you start out with limited options. Like no hats to choose from. This is a bit confusing as we thought that this was a bug first, but it turned out, you unlock those later in the game, same as more clothing in general.



The gameplay is task driven. You earn points by doing certain tasks and with that XP you level up. With each level, you will get more options.
I liked that while it is task driven in sense of XP, you are still very free to choose what you like to do. Don’t want to focus on upgrading your home? Then don’t. Don’t want to go to parties hosted by friends, you are free to do what ever you want, and that freedom is something I really like in all the other games of the Sims, I’m happy do see they incorporated that in the mobile game as well.
Leveling up seems to be quite fast as well and if you follow the tutorials, you should be able to find most of the stuff you need to start out with.
I did get confused about the energy the Sim used. Energy is the only motive your Sim has and it can be raised by going to bed, taking a shower, going to the toilet etc.
But I missed that explanation in the tutorial (or I didn’t pay attention). Hopefully that will be a little better tweaked before the worldwide release.
Overall I quite enjoyed the little tasks and the way it plays.


Build & Buy

What would a Sims game be if you couldn’t build your own dream home?!
I had to get used to building on a tablet/mobile at first. I kept clicking, when I had to drag and it took me a little while how to move already placed items. But with a little help from BeyondSims, I finally managed. Because The Sims Mobile works with levels, you unlock certain items while you play, so the full catalog isn’t available to you at first, like you start out with only single beds. The further the get, the closer you will get to building that dream house!


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