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The Sims Mobile – Moving on up!

Written by Annabelli_22

Thanks to the Game Changers program for the information and images
A new update is coming to The Sims Mobile.
It will start to roll out on May 11th. Depending on your device it can take some time.

But, what we really want to know, and maybe you’ve seen it on Social Media already, is what the new update is all about.
Well.. Get ready to build in The Sims Mobile. Multistory building will be added in the next big update.

Raise the Roof

Multistory building will allow you to build up to 3 stories.
You unlock the second floor once you reach level 14, from there you can buy a building permit to get a second floor. And the ability to add 3rd floor unlocks at level 25. You can early unlock though for Simcash.

How do you add a floor level? There is a new build category called Floor Levels. Here you can select for which floor you want to buy a build permit, the second or third floor. The unlocks are per lot, so if you have multiple houses, you need to unlock them for each house.

Once you select the permit you like to buy for what floor, you get a pop up with some more information. Here you see the timer how long it takes to unlock that level, and how much it will cost you. Of course you need to unlock floor level 2 before being able to purchase a permit for level 3.

You can also speed the timer up with Simcash.

Once you have your floor level, you can add rooms to it. You get 1 free room per level to place, any extra rooms will cost you, but just the same as it did on the ground level.

You can get really creative with how your house will look, as there are no restrictions where you place the room. Well, of course within the lot limits. But it doesn’t have to be on top of another room. So you can create floating houses as well.
Sims can teleport in The Sims Mobile, so they don’t even need stairs or doors if you don’t want to.

But if you want something more realistic and want stairs, there will be 3 stairs coming with the update and you’ll be able to earn 2 more stairs through bake offs and buy one with a Limited time offer.

When placing a stairs, it will show you with dotted lines where you have interior walls, that can’t be intersected.
If you have items intersecting, they will turn up yellow, to show you those will go into your inventory when you place the stairs there. It will ask you to confirm before placing.

Another cool thing is, that you can colour roofs per floor. So that means you can play with the look of your roofs per level.

Edgewater Quay

Also new is a new premium lot you can purchase. Different about this lot is that it comes fully build and furnished. You’ll have 2 stories unlocked right away and some cool new items.
Items in the house that you didn’t have already unlocked will be able to move to your inventory to replace, but they don’t unlock in your store.


Watch the latest episode of SimsTV with SimGuruMegz and Laura. Where they do a build walkthrough of the new update.

Oh and as a funny little extra, my workplace they decided to join in on the fun of adding floors to buildings. So we are in construction of adding a 3rd floor as well. How great is that?!

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