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The Sims Mobile – Neighbourhood update

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims Mobile has some exciting news! The neighbourhood your Sims are living in will be extended!
This neighbourhood update will go live 26th of November (that’s next week!).

New features

Welcome to Briny Heights! So what does this mean?
Once a player reaches Level 18, they will now also unlock the possibility to own more than 1 home. You can access the neighbourhood through the new icon in the bottom left corner.

You can pick and choose which lot you want to unlock first, there is no specific order for them. It will cost you Simoleons + 8 hours to unlock the first lot (or you can instantly unlock with Simcash)

You can also unlock all lots right away, but each house will go up in waiting time before you completed the unlocking, as well as the costs for it. So choose your first one wisely if you have limited Simoleons (or Simcash).

Moving Sims

So who can live in these new houses you’re going to build.
Well, that’s entirely up to you.
Your main house will still be the house your friends can visit, they can’t visit the other lots. Parties will also be held at the main house.
But you can have your active Sims living in another house, you can spread them between the houses, or you can even just move your non playable sims in the new houses. Want a house with only babies and toddlers? Go for it. An elderly house? Nothing is stopping you.
You can of course visit and play in all the houses, regardless of who lives there. So if you want a house that is exclusively for your hobby items? That’s also a possibility.

You can have a max of 8 non playable in a lot in addition to 4 playable Sims. Same as the current house. This means you can have even more non playable Sims running around in your neighbourhood.

Items and building

You can also have a new Family portrait in each house. And best of all, you can now also actually put it in storage!
Each Family portrait will show the Sims living in that lot. And with the arrows you can switch between the lots to see them all.
In addition, you can also tap on the lot title, to quickly visit your family portrait.

But what about the items I already own, and the item limit.
Well, the item limit is gone! No longer can you own just 1 piano
But if you want parties to benefit from the hobby items, they need to be in the main house.
Inventory is neighbourhood wide though, so if you already have enough chairs to supply 4 houses with dining rooms, then you don’t need to buy new ones.

How do boost items work, like beds for energy etc. They are also neighbourhood wide. So all houses benefit from it if you have it placed in a house. Saves you on having to have duplicates.

The Sims Mobile official news

Of course FireMonkeys are excited about this update as well, and have shared a bunch of information about this coming update. Including a youTube video, FAQ and they even launched their own Instagram profile!

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Neighbourhood FAQ is shared in a blog by The Sims Mobile

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