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The Sims Spark’d – First in game Challenges

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims Spark’d is premiering tonight on TBS, at 11pm ET/PT time. (4am/7am UK time). It’s listed as either The Sims Spark’d in the guide, or as ELeague.
If you’re outside the US or don’t have cable, than don’t worry. It will go up on Youtube on Buzzfeed Multiplayer Monday 4pm UK time.

But there are also in game challenges! That means us at home can also compete. And today the first challenge went live.
Check out the Spark’d Challenges here
The theme for the first challenge is Destination Wedding, and there are 3 sub categories you can enter in. Stylist, Builder and Storyteller.

You can enter each category, and you can enter multiple times as well. There is no limit, as long as you follow the rules of the challenge.
How to enter? Well for the Stylist and Builder categories there is actually a new feature for it in the gallery. When you go to save your household or build to the library, you can now also use the feature to submit a copy to the current challenge, which is Destination Wedding at the moment

For the Story telling category it’s a little different. For this category you need to create a video of 3 minutes or less, and upload it publicly to Youtube. And then fill out the form on the Challenge page: here
You need to log in with your EA account to get to the form.

When you enter these challenges you have the chance to get featured on the The Sims Spark’d site as a creator, and maybe even be considered for a future season of The Sims Spark’d!

Will you be entering the challenges?
Happy Simming

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  • I want to enter but it doesn’t feel fair. Gallery is so glitchy. I gave a heart earlier this morning and I can do it again later. There are so many copies under those hashtags. I don’t like that we can use poses for sims. I think it is unfair. I really like the idea and theme, but I don’t like how it looks 🙂 Hope someone will see it. For such long time problems in the Gallery were invisible 😉